Glossop Bat Group's letter to HPBC

Dear Councillors,

Further to my meeting five weeks ago with Cllr Claff in response to
your acceptance of my complaint alleging fundamental and systemic
failure of HPBC to properly assess risks to bats from development.

1. I have still not received any communication from your officers on
any of the issues we discussed, which were... 

a. Access to HPBC owned sites to conduct bat surveys
b. The meeting requested with your officers to discuss how bat
assessment can be improved and facilitated.
c. Copies of bat surveys in respect of Howardtown Mill, or an
admission that none exist.
d. The action you will take to investigate the cause of the systemic
failure to assess bats in development decisions.
e. Glossop Bat Group's offer to cooperate actively with local developers.

2. Despite the very positive tone of our meeting, and the demonstrated
willingness by almost all councillors to improve the situation, your
officers have remained uncommunicative. You are aware that, since our
initial communications about this issue six months or more ago, I have
regularly asked to discuss it informally with your officers, but have
been ignored. For the record, with the exception of Mr Green, only one
member of Development Control has responded to any communication about
bats from us this year, and that was to acknowledge receipt of a
previous communication. These communications include comments on five
minor applications and objections to four major developments pointing
out similar failures to those acknowledged in my complaint, and a
short document intended to help your officers understand bat issues
which I sent to every member of development control.

3. I am deeply disappointed that, despite being aware of the very
serious shortcomings of the past, outline permission has just been
granted in respect of HPK/2012/0502. You were aware that it is next to
a roost and a river, that the applicant had incorrectly stated that
there was no EPS on site and that no bat surveys had been conducted at
the site. It is sadly ironic that only the office of Development
Control stands between this site and the Howardtown Development, which
is perhaps the most extreme example of your past failures with regards
to bats.

I hope you can help improve this situation

Daniel Bennett
Chairman, Glossop Bat Group

Comments and objections were made in response to