Legendary Glory Days of Glossop School Brass Band

The Glossop School Band was born in 1964; it then consisted of four second hand instruments and three players and progress over the next six years was steady rather than spectacular. By the start of the 1970's the number had grown sufficiently to attempt contests and their results from then were truly spectacular thus starting a period over the 70s and 80s that became its 'Glory Days'. Contest victories came frequently with success in the Radio Manchester Blow-By-Blow competition, Radio Stoke 'Knock-Out Brass', both of which were competitions for adult bands and almost total dominance in The Imperial Youth Championships. They even had success against the elite of the banding world in the Whit Friday March Competitions.

Word spread about their remarkably mature standard of performance and the band were in demand for concerts all over the north Of England, for tours to Europe and north America and for numerous appearances on national television.

Success was achieved through hard work though with members having to commit to daily dinner time rehearsals sat on and around the school woodwork benches and to rehearsal sessions after school too! Hard to imagine such levels of commitment these days! The inspirational figures and driving force behind the band were the 'Two Jacks'; Conductor and woodwork teacher Jack Fletcher and compère and maths teacher the late Jack Holden, both of whom strived for the highest standards in music presentation whilst, such is the nature of school bands, continually facing the annual problem of losing their most experienced and often best players.

Many members were nurtured into performers who later joined the ranks of the world’s top brass bands as players and conductors and forging successful careers of world repute. In the 'Glory Days', Glossop School Band were considered to be one of, if not the finest, school band in the country, gaining a national reputation and really putting Glossop on the map. It was then a case of 'Glossop? That’s where the school band’s from!'