Gazette gets into the groove

From opera to folk sessions to Jimmie Rodger's ukulele tribute thrash, there is music in Glossop for everybody. Glossop's music scene is thriving and here at the Glossop Gazette we want to include all types of musical events.

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Legendary Glory Days of Glossop School Brass Band

The Glossop School Band was born in 1964; it then consisted of four second hand instruments and three players and progress over the next six years was steady rather than spectacular. By the start of the 1970's the number had grown sufficiently to attempt contests and their results from then were truly spectacular thus starting a period over the 70s and 80s that became its 'Glory Days'. Contest victories came frequently with success in the Radio Manchester Blow-By-Blow competition, Radio Stoke 'Knock-Out Brass', both of which were competitions for adult bands and almost total dominance in The Imperial Youth Championships. They even had success against the elite of the banding world in the Whit Friday March Competitions.

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Glossop Jazz Club

The new season began in September with a visit from the Silver Bell Band. The Club has booked bands up until June 2013.

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Glossop People's Festival

Acclaimed singer-songwriters and a showcase of local acts of all ages are just some of the highlights of a new festival set to take place in Glossop in October. Glossop People’s Festival brings together the best in folk/Americana music alongside art, film and comedy. The festival will take place at the Oakwood pub on High Street West from October 18-21st and features acts such as Peter Bruntnell, Kirsty McGee, Harp and a Monkey and Vinny Peculiar.

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