Japanese Knotweed in Glossop

Japanese Knotweed is taking over Glossop, but we can beat it!

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Glossop vs. slugs and snails

Glossop’s gardeners have some crafty tips to confound molluscs and take the dampeners off Glossop horticulture.

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HPBC admit bat slaughter

Bats have never been protected in Glossop, and High Peak Borough Council’s Development Control have systematically disregarded UK and European wildlife laws and ignored advice about protected species in development. HPBC failed to ensure that risks to bats were properly assessed, accepted substandard bat surveys, ignored advice from the Environment Agency and consultants with respect to the need for bat surveys, lighting conditions or roost mitigation, and also ignored unambiguous evidence of roosts. In no instances did they insist on or even recommend any bat mitigation in development. 

Latest update: Glossop Bat Group's letter to HPBC 

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Glossop choked with Japanese knotweed

A Glossop group which hopes to start systematic eradication of pest plants from the town have reported that Japanese knotweed is rampant in every waterway in town except for Hurst Brook. Japanese knotweed is a highly invasive plant that undermines buildings and devalues land it infests. The group intend to use a community approach to try to curb the spread.

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