Glossop Chimney - eyesore or landmark?

Love it or hate it, join the debate about the future of our most controversial erection, and learn why we can’t blow it up.

Glossop chimney was once loathed by everybody in Glossop

The former Ferro Alloys chimney used to pump tons of sulphur dioxide and other poisons into the Glossop sky every day. It was the subject of one of the angriest public meetings in Glossop that saw the Leisure Centre packed to capacity and a TV documentary “Glossop’s Fuming” that aired on national television.

But now some Glossopians want to keep it! 

For years the chimney has stood derelict and unused, and now some people consider it a Glossop icon and landmark. But others can’t wait to get rid of it. Ideas to make the chimney a tourist attraction include installing a viewing platform at the top or creating a vertical garden. But any use of the chimney would require permission from the owner and Craig Hannah is doubtful that any access to the top could be created. The chimney consists of a wind shield and two internal flues that would have to be removed before any staircase could be fitted into the lower part of the chimney. And much to some Glossopians’ disappointment, the chimney cannot be blown up, and is most likely to be dismantled piece by piece with a large crane.

Photographer and daredevil Craig Hannah spent two days at Wren Nest, and more than half an hour at the very top of the chimney. He told the Gazette that the top of the chimney sways in the wind, but that didn’t stop him taking his stunning pictures of Glossop. See Craig's stunning photos in Glossop Gazette print edition N°1.

Glossop used to be full of chimneys but almost all of them are gone. If you have any images of extinct Glossop chimneys Glossop Gazette would love to hear from you.