Vigil in remembrance of women's lives lost to domestic abuse

Last Sunday November 25 in Norfolk Square, Glossop, High Peak Women's Aid organised a candle-lit vigil to remember the two women each week who lose their lives because of domestic abuse.

Left: HPWA manager, Pam Whittle, deputy manager, Viv Whittaker and Cllr Caitlin Bisknell, leader of HPBC at High Peak Women's Aid candle-lit vigil.

Despite chilly weather, 100 or so people took part in the vigil, including Cllrs Anthony Mckeown and Caitlin Bisknell, leader of HPBC.

Candles alight, the vigil began with readings; there were poems by Oriah Mountain Dreamer and Maya Angelou. Everyone joined in to sing Amazing Grace and Somewhere over the Rainbow, led by HPWA volunteer, Brenda Peck.  

Invited to say a few words, Cllr Caitlin Bisknell admired the Cenotaph, decorated with candle-lit paper bags with hearts and of course poppy wreathes. 'We musn't forget our soldiers,' she said, 'And we musn't forget our women. Women are the lifeblood of this nation.'

The names of twenty women, vicitms of domestic abuse - some as young as 17 - were remembered during the vigil. The message from Viv Whittaker, HPWA deputy manager, was that all women from all nations, all religions, all backgrounds and ethnicities are welcome in Glossop.

Women need to feel safe and not be subjected to domestic violence or sexual abuse. Thanks to the continuing work by HPWA's team of devoted colleagues and volunteers, women's rights in Glossop are in good hands.