Calling all news spotters in Hadfield, Padfield and Charlesworth

Do you have an interesting story you'd like to share, a tale to be told, or a question burning to be asked? If the answer's 'yes' then Glossop Gazette would love to hear from you.

Glossop Gazette aims to be an independent local voice for the benefit of residents, communities, environment and wildlife. Run by volunteers, any donations, written or photographic contributions as well as any help with distribution and placement of advertising will be accepted with gratitude. We operate a fair system for small companies and local businesses and our advertising rates are affordable. For more information, see five reasons why it makes good sense to advertise with us. 

So far, we have received fantastic feedback from Glossopians and we hope Glossop Gazette will expand to become the region's primary source of news, information and comment. Right now, we need more news and views from surrounding villages, especially Hadfield, Padfield and Charlesworth. Let us know your ideas and suggestions. Also, if there's anything you think we should be doing to improve the Gazette we'd be happy to listen. Call us on 01457 866201 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.