Cops cost us more kippers

A  grainy picture taken at Tesco last Monday night shows a police vehicle parked at right angles to the drop off point while the driver uses the cashpoint. We asked the police to verify that it was their vehicle and they said "It is quite hard to distinguish the vehicle registration or the person using the cashpoint. One of our senior officers has taken a cursory look and thinks this is a Renault and our force doesn't use that make of vehicle".

Determined to win kippers, the photographer used her forensic skills to reveal the last three letters of the number plate. Shortly afterwards she saw a police vehicle with a similar registration on the High Street and jotted down the whole number. We submitted the evidence and told the police that , as usual, we do not want to get the officer into trouble but request
that he pays for the kippers.
  Inspector Jon Clark, who is in charge of policing in Glossop, said: "I can confirm that a Derbyshire Constabulary vehicle was parked inappropriately at Tesco in Glossop on Monday, February 4 just before 6pm.
  "The officer involved has been spoken to by their supervisor and reminded in the strongest possible terms that, other than where necessary for operational reasons, they are expected to park appropriately and in accordance with the law.
  "I would like to take this opportunity to thank your reader for bringing this matter to our attention and to apologise sincerely for this inappropriate and unprofessional behaviour."
  Derbyshire Constabulary said "We take incidents like this seriously and do not feel it is appropriate to take part in your paper's competition as it trivialises the seriousness of the incident. Please accept our apologies for the inappropriate parking and pass them on to your readers".
No comment from kipper winner yet.
Glossop Gazette says: People park like this all the time in Glossop and nobody bats an eyelid. Our readers pick on the police because they make for easy kippers, but we all walk past bad parking like this everyday. Often it's a nuisance and occasionally it causes accidents. It's costing us a lot in kippers and it's disappointing when guardians of law and order won't pay for the fish.When members of the public get caught parking "inappropriately" they cannot get off with a smoked fish fine costing less than £4.