PCC election nets £75,000 per year job for DCC councillor in Labour landslide with 13% turn out

Six percent of the Derbyshire electorate landed DCC councillor Alan Charles the £75,000 a year job of Police and Crime Commissioner. Labour swept to victory in the PCC election, winning 44% of the 14% turnout. The losing vote was divided between Conservative Simon Spencer (25%) David Gale of UKIP (16%) and Rod Hutton the Independent (15%). 


The proportion of Glossop that turned out cannot be extrapolated from the overall figures, but Derbyshire recorded one of the lowest turnout rates in the country and staff at polling stations were well equipped with reading materials. The election of Alan Charles, whose promise to make tackling wildlife crime a priority, is sending shivers through some parts of town.

The result marks the end of a dramatic campaign that saw Mr. Charles step down from the election only to be reinstated again, over the question of whether  juvenile convictions for imprisonable offences would bar people from becoming a police and crime commissioner.

Mr. Charles has been a DCC councillor for over 20 years. In the latest edition of Glossop Gazette the electrician relates how he saw a police officer engage in an unprovoked attack on a member of the public, and tells how his job will represent a rise in income. Mr. Charles stated his opposition to the elections and reforms and as Derbyshireís new police & Crime Commissioner he intends to fight against further cuts beyond the 20% of in Derbyshireís police budget.

Keep policing public in Derbyshire: no G4S style privatisation here! If there are efficiencies to be made I will make them in-house and reinvest cash savings back into policing Derbyshire.

Sustain community policing across Derbyshire ñ and work with local community safety partnerships to find local solutions to local anti-social behaviour problems.

Stand up for victims, vulnerable people, and take seriously domestic abuse ñ work with victims to improve the experience that future victims receive from the police and criminal justice system.  I will ensure that robust procedures are in place to protect families and sufferers of domestic violence and hate crimes.

Work with mental health, drug and alcohol abuse organisations ñ to explore ways to aid life improvement and prevent entry to the criminal justice system.

Plan safer roads for safer communities ñ working with road safety professionals from the police, council highways and aighways agency teams
tackle wildlife crime and cruelty towards animals - working with RSPCA in developing effective prevention strategies.

Ensure a great place to work and provide great service to the public ñ offering a high quality worthwhile career and maintain the highest standards.

Ensure residents see value for money in their police services ñ by constantly looking for better ways to provide this most essential of public services.

Give an absolute commitment not to outsource or privatise police support services and to buy UK goods wherever possible.