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Ask Auntie G
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  • Is it true that loud music will stop me getting pregnant?

Don't be silly!

[There are only two ways known to womankind to NOT get pregnant and only one of these comes with a GUARANTEE. Perhaps the most well-known, is to use a form of contraception prior to and during intercourse. In consultation with a health care professional and/or a responsible adult (if one is still new to a sexually active lifestyle) this is an extremely reliable way to prevent pregnancy. However, you can still get caught out. The only 100 % reliable way to ensure that you won’t get pregnant is to NOT HAVE SEX.]

If you are naive enough to think loud music can stop pregnancy you are DEFINITELY not ready for sex. Or as Jeremy Kyle might say “You’re an idiot and shouldn’t be allowed to breed.”


"My ex boyfriend has very recently started showing up at my local pub with his new girlfriend. I don't care what he does with his life now but it is awkward seeing them there together. I don't want to stop going to the pub which is a great place but how do I deal with this "eyesore"?
Anyone that lives happily amongst the picturesque borders of Glossopdale, as I do and finds themselves cheerfully woven into the fabric of this close knit community of born ‘n’ breds and incomers, knows all too well the many benefits of living within such a place as ours. There is a handy man on every estate, a watchful neighbour in every street, an opinion in every pub…
One of the downsides, however, is everyone knowing your business. Another is having reminders of any drunken fumblings, late night carouses and ill-advised couplings at every cobblestoned corner. The only true eyesore in Glossop is the Chimney and the only true way to deal with this eyesore is to ignore it.
Your ex may be trying to provoke a reaction from you or he may be oblivious, either way you must remain dignified at all times. Indifference is the best policy.